Monday, January 4, 2010

Realistic Sci Fi in AC3 - The Mega-Float

This is the first in a series of posts that will show how realistic the tech in AC3 really is, what is based on what, and if it is (or will be) possible in the future.

To kick this off I chose the Mega-Float, which in the game is a floating city and a military base while the original, real-life counterpart is "just" a floating airport.

The Mega-Float was a research testbed built in two years (1998-1999) with the purpose of evaluating whether the concept of a floating airport and its feasibility. Its research also included the enviromental impact of the Mega-Float on its surrounding eco-systems.

Results seem to have been very positive: "In March of 2001, the “Mega-float Airport Investigation Committee” put together a detailed evaluation of the verification tests on the 1000m Mega-Float airport and the 4000m-class test design, and announced in their final report that a Mega-Float airport with a scale of up to 4000m as being more than feasible."

You can read this and more in the following links: