Sunday, July 29, 2012

Realistic Sci-Fi in AC3 - The Sphyrna



1. a genus of hammerhead sharks in the family Sphyrnidae

 2. a fictional airborne aircraft carrier

 3. the main base of operations of the terrorist organization known as "Ouroboros"
 (Picture credit: Antare)
Designation: UI-4053 (Codename: Sphyrna) 
General characteristics
  • Type: ECM-equipped mothership
  • Length: 238.5 m
  • Height: 90.92 m
  • Width: 53.44 m
  • Total weight: 254200 kg
  • Maximum speed: 404 km/h (251 nmi)
  • Several AA guns and missile turrets
  • UI-4054 "Aurora" (1)
  • X-49 "Night Raven"(1)
  • XFA-36A Game (6)
  • R-103 Delphinus#3 (4)
  • SU-43 "Berkut" (2)

The concept of an airborne aircraft carrier is not new. In fact such a concept was already being researched during WWI, with the first working protoype reaching completion in 1919. The first concepts for this kind of airship were all based on the Zeppelin: dirigibles that could carry a number fighter planes instead of bombs.