Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Voices of AC3 Development Staff

Team NEMO is proud to announce that translation for the developer diaries has officially started!

For the first time ever, we will get to know about AC3's development from the creators themselves!

The "Dev Diary Translation Committee" is comprised of the following members:

  • Lead Translator: JumpingDax, our newest contributor!
  • Quality Control: BRPXQZME
  • Editor: DragonSpikeXIII
The Developer Diaries will be made available in two forms. Each piece will be posted on this very blog every two weeks . An OpenDocument (.odt) text file version, with the original formatting intact, will follow shortly after the initial postings.

Stay tuned for our first release, an interview with Project Leader Hiroyuki Onoda You can't make another game like this?!」!
November 9, 2017 update
The translator disappeared after doing Part 1, the one responsible for QC also left the project, so it's just me doing it from Part 2 onwards.

20121008 Relay Essay 1: part 1/2, part 2/2
20171109 Relay Essay 2: post
20180225 Relay Essay 3: post
20191001 Relay Essay 4: post

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Real Revelation Revealed

Hello USEA netizens!

A few fans on YouTube have discovered a discrepancy between the Direct Audio version and the in-game version of the track "Revelation".

This track, found on Direct Audio Disc 2, is noticeably different from the track present in the actual game (M37 Memory Error) and in the AppenDisc's Original Movie. Personally I feel that the DA track lacks the "punch" that the real track possesses. As a result it feels surprisingly empty.

You can listen to the track here and here and compare it to the DA version here.

Thanks to AcronPL, br0th3rsh00t3r and Albireo for helping bring this to light!