Thursday, February 13, 2014

EAPN Top News 7 #12

  • "DOCUMENT OF AC3 DIRECT AUDIO" has been uploaded;
  • More AC3 videos are available on my channel;
  • I'm early in the editing stage of Disc 1, so far things are going ok


  1. Is is possible for you to clarify exactly what you meant by "early in the editing stage of Disc 1"?

  2. I loved the "ACE COMBAT 3 Special ED (Movie Ver.)" you posted on youtube, completely awesome blending with rn5817's re-arrangement, bravo and thanks for your work!
    Speaking about music, I think it would be a good idea to post the contents of your "DOCUMENT OF AC3 DIRECT AUDIO" pdf directly on the album's page on VGMdb:

    If you don't have an account there, I could do it, with your permission of course, what do you think?

    Long live Ace3, the best Ace, and actually so much more than a game..

  3. I'm glad you liked my video, put a lot of thought and effort in it!

    I don't have a vgmdb account but you have my permission to put our content there. Just don't forget to put the credits I wrote at the end of the PDF, that's all I really ask.

  4. Thanks for that DragonSpikeXIII, I posted the translation in the discussion thread for that album, I'm sure it'll be appreciated!