Tuesday, May 27, 2014

15th Anniversary of ACE COMBAT 3

Friday, May 16, 2014

EAPN Top News 7 #15 -Progress Report I-

  • Done: M01->M09, M19->M25. So far, so good.
  • Should be done with Disc 1 by next month.
  • Full report coming on June 16th. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Recommended or related anime works

My personal recommendations for anime that might interest those of you who like AC3.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fictional variations and real-life counterparts

The aircraft in this game are upgraded models of aircraft from the 20th century as there was no major conflict in USEA to justify the development of a new generation of airplanes. All active aircraft are refurbished and renovated with the COFFIN system and other improvements due to technological advancement.

Model number, Nickname: the real machine

General Resource Ltd.

F-15S/MT Eagle plus : F-15S/MTD
F-16XF Gyrfalcon : AFTI/F-16 CCV
F-16XA Saker Falcon : F-16XL
F/A-18I Hornet ADV: F/A-18E
A/F-117X NAV Hawk : F-117
F-22C Raptor II: F-22
RF-12A2 Blackbird : YF-12A
B-1C Lancer II: B-1
C-17B Globemaster IV: C-17
KC-777: Boeing 777
V-22B Osprey II: V-22
AH-66B Comanche II: RAH-66 [


EF2000E Typhoon II: Eurofighter Typhoon
MiG-33 Fulcrum SS: MiG-29 [
Su-37 Super Flanker : Su-37
Su-43 Berkut : Su-47

UPEO aircraft received from General Resource Ltd.[^3]

F-16XFU: F-16XF Gyrfalcon
F/A-18U: F/A-18I Hornet ADV
EK-17U: Refueling type of C-17B Globemaster IV

^1 "RAH-66B " in the books, referred to as "AH-66B " in the game.
The designation MiG-33 has been associated with two different Mikoyan fighter designs.
 ^3 They are modeled after real machines, Neucom's airplanes don't have real counterparts so they're omitted here.

(taken from the japanese Wikipedia page for AC3, translated and edited by me)