Saturday, June 21, 2014

EAPN Top News 7 #16

  • USEA Today is going on hiatus for the rest of the summer
  • Work will continue at a slower pace
  • See you in September!


  1. Take a good holiday, I recommend!
    See 'ya on september! :3

  2. I only just learned about this project today. I wish I could offer you money or be a translator, but I don't have the means to do either at the moment. All I can do is hope you guys are having at least some manner of fun while doing the job, and hope it turns out well.

    As a side note, I'm currently LPing the Ace Combat series, if any of you are interested. I kind of remember giving Ace Combat 3 some crap while doing 2, and skipping over the American release of the game. Hope that just motivates you guys to get the job done, since that's the kind of opinion people have of the game, since all they 'can' associate AC3 with is that poorly ported, butchered carcase.

  3. We can edit the in game's mission texts without packing/unpacking any ulz. Basically it is just extending the mission debriefing tim files so it is loaded on the next vram room. Then we just need to nop the opcodes that responsible for replacing the already filled vram. Tested in "awakening" mission, I repeat the same text for the briefing:

    so it'll displayed when Erich-Fiona-Rena are talking:

    and when the dual layer in action:

    also the cutscene from "bravado", sorry I just put an arbitrary tim file with large japanese font, just to show that even file like this could be loaded, and displayed, even 'twas chopped:

    The cutscene texts and the in mission dialogue texts are located on the same block, this ease us much further. So from now on, we can make a permanent changes as opposed to the "immediate" emulator mode :]

    Here is a how to reproduce those results :

    I'm getting emotionally unstable when I realize this method doesn't work in mission simulator (because the tim never loaded), and I'm sure it has an easy "patch to jump" solution (to force execute the routine that contains CDROM tim read and then CpuToVram opcodes), or if another member has solved it, I don't really care though.

    I wonder am I the only female member in here? Anyway just enjoy and make use of my translation method, hope it helps you guys.

    The search app texts are located inside 0179 - 0185, but there are also tons of japanese inside 0121 - 0126, somewhat menu texts. Unpack any ulz inside those folders with esperknight's tool, most of them are the tims, ready to be translated.

    1. Yo me, dropping by to say I've been trying to get this to work, I haven't had much time or energy left this weekend. I'll sort things out and report back this coming week, as soon as I figure what's keeping me from displaying the green box text.

      Btw, really interesting to know you're doing some research similar to sublimation, it's great to be receiving support from someone like you.

      Last thing, I noticed you mentioned having trouble with some of our tools, if i read that correctly. Could you provide more details on that, I could be of help to you.

      Take care and have a good week!

  4. Just wanted to say that, as a Ace Combat fan, I really enjoy and admire your work and this blog dedicated to the AC3 that we all love. I really hope someday Namco remake this game with next-gen graphics and gameplay. Keep up the good work guys! =D