Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mid-summertime fly-by

Hello there, dear readers of USEA Today! How's it going?

I didn't really plan to post anything until the end of the summer, but that's still more than a month away and I thought it might be useful to make a post about the latest happenings.

Regarding our translation project, a new showcase (our third) has been uploaded here. In it you'll be able to check out the first mission that's been completely translated, including the greenbox text, which was made possible thanks to "me" and her workaround method. There's also a commentary which I hope will prove to be both entertaining and informative.

A new version of the extra ending has also been uploaded, featuring a much improved translation. It's English-only for now, but I'll be adding more languages in the future. Those still new to AC3E should stay away and watch it only after they've gotten all 5 endings. Watch at your own risk!

Other videos that I've uploaded are: a new trailer/PV, the original credits scroll in HQ and an AC3-themed Idolmaster video which I've had in my hard drive for years but the thought of uploading it never crossed my mind (until now).

I've also been making more fan/mock posters for this game, here's an almost-finished version my latest one:

And here's something from a few hours ago (also WIP):

Other than that, looking further ahead, I plan on making a concept video for an "International Edition" version of the credits scroll, made with pictures taken by yours truly and presented in a bilingual fashion in the same vein as the ending credits of my AC3 Special ED. They're mostly sky photography, you can see some of them on my profile page. It's nothing special, just another hobby of mine that is loosely related to this game.

Also in the bag will be one last trailer, set to some tracks from the AC Respect fan albums dedicated to AC3. This old video I posted back in 2009 is actually a preview for a fan video I never got around to actually making.

Regular weekly postings will resume at the end of next month, all titles for the remainder of this year have already been scheduled. See you then!