Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EAPN Top News 7 #17

  • USEA Today is back;
  • the project has seen good progress during the summer;
  • it's full throttle from now until the end of the year.


  1. Good Job!
    Im really anxious for the translated version!

  2. I have a lot of emotional attachments to this game since I got the PAL version as a kid and later started learning nipponese partially motivated for wanting to understand the japanese version as well as my career choice as flight mech, keep it up please!

  3. Keep it up guys!

    Looking for updates regulary for 2 years now.
    Hope the translated version will be finished soon !

  4. great work!!! Best wishes from italy !!!

  5. You could edit the HUD green text by editing the 0000/0003 tim file. It is a tim file with 4 palettes, the 4th pallete is like this :


    The problem is, you could only change the character without changing the number of "word". For example changing R505U to R525K is possible (and easy). But to add even a letter is troublesome for me, because ideally I need to tamper "area allocation" thingy in the executable or dll alike. So I propose another solution, rather than considering AH66B is 5 letters and RAH66B is 6 letters, consider the area of the text. I mean, you could fit RAH66B text into AH66B textspace of course with smaller font.

    Frustatingly, the resolution of the text itself is already low. Shrinking the font size will pixelate the text, I'm afraid.


    How could I achieve the result below?


    Because that was done with the infamous "emulator mode", that is, I change a pointer value using nopsx debugger, so instead pointing Erich, it was pointing Keith. I said infamous because even it's easy, it isn't permanent. Reload the mission and it'll revert back, unless the opcodes/instruction had been altered/patched .

    Anyway I can extract any tim palette with PSicture, but I'm not yet able to put it back (replace 4th palette of 0000/0003.tim).

    "Only problem now is the game still won't load the mission, at this point I'm beginning to suspect re-compressing it int a ULZ may be necessary."

    Isn't there ulz repacker already? It's nearly 2 month since my last visit to your thread, and I can't find any ulz repacker. Honestly, I even abandon my own translation project (into my non-english language) around July, because most of my friends aren't interested in this wargame genre, some even said the plot is too complex. These reasons fatally reduce my interest enough :p

    "Keep up the great work and may those walls crumble when you run into them :)"

    Most important is, the person who create such wall is to blame. Yep, that's me. I didn't know yet that 0015.ulz containing bin file that could be split/extracted furthermore. So which is the problem, the method of creating 0015.bin is problematic, or the ulz recompressor didn't yet exist?

  6. Hmm, it seemed no speedy reply for me again.. Guessing the ulz compressor doesn't yet exist, I just start making it yesterday and it's fun enough to kill my boredom (tons of lab reports, hmph). Turns out that Dashman's bin splitter/merger is flawless, and my fake ulz compressor worked too. Just put the 0015.bin together with the compiled executable, and you will get a 0015.ulz. Now, please build with it, tested by me on M01, M02, M03. I wonder if we break the 700 MB CD size limit? whatever, here is the source :


    (The real download button is above the "tip : affiliate" text, and mind you it still open a pop up which you can close/ignore. In my case, the pop up is fake virus alert, annoying.)

    About the HUD thing, I made mistake when saying it is the 0003.tim, I mean the file inside 0000/0003 is the 0001.tim, browse to the 4th palette using PSicture, but, hi ! it's me again :]

    1. Hey, how's it going, me?

      Sorry I couldn't give you a quasi insta-reply this time, I took too long this time as I was busy with stuff and still organizing my thoughts before posting anything.

      Expect a reply on our thread shortly!

  7. Everything went fine, and our translation too.. I had tested that after modifying 0015.bin's content, and repacking it back into ulz, everything went smoothly, without crash. Say goodbye to my crankish vram workaround tee-hee..

    It seems midnight on your time, isn't it? Thank you for your reply, and have a nice night (or rest if you aren't nocturnal being). I could understand you had lots of work, and I just joking about the quasi insta-reply that had usually done by you ;]

  8. "After I was done making the last showcase video, I had to revert the changes I'd made to Mission 05 becasue weird things were happening. Like during my last, and unsuccessful, tests on Mission 01, the wingmen weren't speaking, their mission dialogue wasn't even being loaded. Moreover, during after-mission Replays, the BGM was completely wrong and I think I even heard Keith speaking during M01, not to mention the inability to play via Mission Simulator."

    I would be glad if you provide step by step to replicate such anomaly. Dashman said the thing that make the game explode could give solution, because I agree this kind of explosion reveal how things work. Unfortunately, t'was all fine when I tried the crankish vram overload method, I mean, no weird thing, even in mission simulator (everything went fine except the greenbox, which just left blank).

    Maybe this gives us a clue to accomplish FIX: change M29 "Betrayal" BGM from "Mind Flow" to "The Execution"

  9. Reply posted http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,17658.msg267158.html#msg267158

    Hope we can also find a way to fix that BGM thing for M29, it really bothers me as "The Execution" is much, much better suited.

    Do you want me to prepare a 0015 TIM for you to test M01's mission text? The same one I tested with no success last time, I think it's worth a try.

  10. Yes, just upload the translated tim (the second file from splitted 0015.bin, not the first one, because I already had that) and I'll try to merge them using Dashman's tool, then repack it using my program. Then I'll gladly upload back the resulting ulz.

    As for the glitch, I'll try to figure it out if I had another spare time. Btw, did you manage to edit the 4th palette of 0000/0003/0001.tim and reinsert it back? I don't know yet how to accomplish that.

    1. Alright, about the 0/3/1.tim, the way I see it it's like this. With Psicture we can see al 4 palettes, something I couldn't with TIMView+, so that's a start. The program can extract just fine in BMP format, which is good because that's the format we chose to work with for AC3 editing.

      It doesn't look like Psicture was made for replacement of paletters (layers?) and the layer merger Dashman made for AC3 only works with 2 layers at the moment. If Dashman can make a 4-layer merger then all I need is to edit the 4th palette and it's a done deal.

      This is still for a very minor name fix, but now that we know they didn't put the whole RAH-66B designation due to space limitations and not an oversight, I can worry about this a little less. The developers had to struggle just as much as we do right now.

      Moving on to the 0015 question, I'll go make one right now, pity I didn't keep a fully assembled copy of that TIM but I still have the single, translated, layers.

    2. By the way, did you notice how there's a "Nemo" designation in that 4th palette, even though it never appears anywhere in the game.

    3. Here's 0015-new, just rename to 0015 and repack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhn33017brj54wv/0015-new.bin?dl=0

  11. Finished, just test it yourself (of course with normal briefing tim file) :


    here it's on mine


    next time, please post something if an error has occured (i.e. bug for certain mission).

    Anyway, did you notice the flash after the NAMCO startup logo? It's split second, and like this :


    "By the way, did you notice how there's a "Nemo" designation in that 4th palette, even though it never appears anywhere in the game."

    Now you sounded like Fabian, and aren't you happy :p, it means we are treasure hunter too, or an AC3 scholar eh?

    1. Groovy! This is very uplifting news!

      I'm going to test it right away, will be back with results in the next hour or so.

      Treasure hunters indeed :D

    2. Alright, that was awesome, mission text replacement SUCCESSFUL!

      I think this means we have all the tools we need to translate, edit and replace all of Disc 1 and in the future Disc 2.

      I suppose I'll go back to the beginning and begin editing our script for insertion and fill in what's missing, namely mission dialogue and in-game 3D cut-scenes.

      me, I noticed you posted the source to your repacker but I myself don't know how to use it. Could you upload your program so that I can edit and test with it or do you want me to send my edits to you for re-compression?

  12. I refuse, how about asking esperknight? I notice he is proficient at using C#. Give the source to him, and he'll spit the executable for sure.

    1. No problem, I've just sent esper a PM about the repacker.

  13. Yo, dropping by to say that esper has just sent me the ULZ recompressor. As of now, we are ready to fully translate all of Disc 1.

    Thank you me for this eventful weekend, your contribution this time has helped us overcome yet another obstacle.

    To anyone else reading this, both fan or casual follower, things are looking up once again!