Sunday, November 30, 2014

AC3E Control Guide

Control Options

EASY: the X-axis of the left analog stick (navigation) will turn the plane in the desired direction instead of turning it on its own axis.

NORMAL: the X-axis will only turn the plane on its own axis.

Comment: Easy is the preferred method of play for newcomers and Namco staffers. It is set to Normal by default.


NORMAL: the default option. Controlling the plane feels much looser compared to previous games.

QUICK: the plane's reaction to control input is slightly quicker, as a result the overall feeling is of a tighter and more responsive airplane.

SLOW: the opposite of Quick, the plane feels even looser. Not recommended.

Comment: users that dislike the "loose" feeling of AC3 can try the Quick setting.


MEDIUM: this is the default option.

NARROW: little to no dead zone. The analog sticks are almost completely utilized, allowing for more precise steering and viewing.

WIDE: the opposite of Narrow. Little to no precision during flight or viewing. Not reccommended.

Comment: I prefer using Narrow.

Note: the Key Config display varies according to the controller that is plugged in (Digital, DualShock and Flight Stick.



WEAK: the controller vibrates only when touching the ground and crashing.

STRONG: the controller vibrates when going very fast, touching the ground, crashing, shooting with guns, firing missiles, when stalling, and during take-off and landing.

OFF: no vibration.

Comment: vibration works with ePSXe and Mednafen. Tested using a PS3 controller via X input.