Friday, December 26, 2014

EAPN Top News 7 #20 〈Heaven and Hell〉

It's been an eventful year for AC3 fans, hope everyone's enjoying playing our demo. Let us know what you think of it on our thread on or the AC3 forum on GameFAQS!

Articles and updates on USEA Today will be less regular from now on as I have to focus on other things. At this moment I'm still writing three posts that I had planned to publish this month. The retrieval, publication and preservation of AC3 history as well as any other fan projects will continue so as to keep the spirit of AC3 alive in the West.

With regard to our fan-translation project, we're still looking for help with the game's ULZ compression and people with a good level of Japanese who can transcribe and translate. Right now, we're halfway there and Disc 1 will be released next year. Whether we manage to translate Disc 2 and the Search files remains to be seen. A lot happened this year but there's still much to be done.



  1. Pardon me if you've answered this already, but why is there the possibility disc 2 won't be translated? Is it a time issue?

    1. According to our lead programmer, the game has proven troublesome to crack since the beginning and it's a possibility that he may not have the time required to do it.

    2. I see, thanks for an answer. Good luck with being able to complete the translation.

  2. So I was going through a nostalgia trip with my friend on how the Ace combat 3 wasn't translated when google showed me this website. Sufficed to say, I was flabbergasted XD. Good luck with the rest of the translation!

  3. Great job guys!
    Don't stress yourself too much, just doing on your own pace.

    Hope someday we will unite at Electrosphere.

  4. Having fully translated disk 1 is an incredible job alone, hope you can make it all the way into disk 2! Gratz on the progress!

  5. Are you open for multilingual translation ? Me and a lot of french fans are hyped at the idea of playing Ace Combat 3 JP in french. I'm ready to translate it, I've already participate at the translation of some japanese niche games so I'm not the kind of person who will give up without finishing the work. Here is my mail if you want to speak about that :

  6. Oh my God! I just can fuc*ing believe it!

    I was just typing on Google for the status of AC3 traslation after years and years of nothing and I found this proyect!


    I can help with a Spanish Traslation if you see posible. Here´s my email:

    Whatever happens, please dont give up, this could be the most important Traslation Project Ive ever seen for PSX.