Friday, December 5, 2014

On the music of AC3E: Voices of Team NEMO

A few words from the fan-translation team on the game's OST:

(published November 13th 2015, first edition)

Voice of Team NEMO founder - DragonSpikeXIII

Quartz (Go Shiina): There's something about the innocent, child-like whistling sounds and the pulsating action beats that translate Rena's journey into music in a really unique way. When the track picks up again, about halfway through, it feels as if Rena is awakening. Ethereal sounds, sounds of an actual raven. Her innocence, inner struggles and transformation, not to mention the Night Raven appearing then slowly fading out, Rena's life is fully represented on this track.

Mind Flow (Tetsukazu Nakanishi): the first half  is all buildup then begins the action part begins, all with that distinct "voice" in the background that never lets the action beats (and "enjoyment") overpower the atmospheric sound of a cold and eerie future. Without this BGM, M09 Scylla and Charibdis wouldn't have as much impact. Even in the US version's "Escort" always made an impression, showing how far the AC3 staff could go with just a few planes and some music.

Superstition (Tetsukazu Nakanishi): no action beats here. Instead we get more twisted and harsher sounds, and even some of the playful whistling from "Quartz." This is the pure unadulterated sound of the Electrosphere. It's used to different effects in three missions from three different paths. The best coupling I'd say is M48 Resistance: this BGM with the way Port Edwards looks at night on top of certain events which had just transpired all make for a very memorable representation of AC3E.

Special mention goes to "Engage" and "The Execution", two other variations on the same theme. That's 4 total mixes with the same voice-like sounds in the background. It's the closest AC3 gets to having its own theme song but an actual singer would be too warm, human and relatable for something like Electrosphere.

Other personal picks of mine which I find very enjoyable even on their own are Freefall by Koji Nakagawa and Shattered Stones and Floe by Kakino Kanako.