Thursday, April 2, 2015

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How's it going everyone? It's time for some news on our AC3E fan-translation project.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado, here's a whole lot of pictures about the project! First off, Project NEMO's current status at a glance:

\ = first pass; X = ready for release
In the time between the release of our demo and the upcoming patch for the first disc, I made the decision to switch to a smaller font. This is how it looks now. Several people also came forward to help with the project, helping with things such as the first ever translations of Search files, some spot-checking/translation and one important graphic from the Armory.

Thanks to one kind contributor, Seihen, character biographies for the whole cast from the Search menu, have been translated and I'm currently editing them for inclusion in our next release for Disc 1. Here's one example, Rena's file. Another contributor, Sirius-R, also helped out with the aircraft stats pentagon, not only speeding up the editing process and transposing the exact look of the original on our fan-translation. The finished Armory looks like this. Eien Ni Hen also helped me with a particularly annoying sentence from M05. (Thanks guys for your support!)

Progress has been made almost daily since our demo patch was published and our next release should be coming soon. I have a certain window in mind, in order to keep the project going at a good enough pace. So as long as things keeps going smoothly for just a while longer, it shouldn't be much longer until our first big patch is finally released.

In other news, there's an interview from earlier this year where I talk about the Project NEMO and Team NEMO's history up to now. Read it here!

And remember that bilingual credits scroll I said I was going to make for the project? Scratch that, replacing a PS1 video seems to more trouble than it's worth. A soft-sub renderer could come in handy here, so translating the credits in-game is still very much a possibility, all while leaving the original intact without any modifications.

That's it for this news update. I'll be absent for the rest of the month due to my yearly Army refresher course. See you soon, I'm outta here!

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