Sunday, June 28, 2015

AC3e IE Disc 1/2 ~status quo alteration~

Disc 1

This release contains English translations for:
  • M01-09;
  • M19-33+Ending A;
  • M34-38+Ending B.
Additionally, biographies for all characters and descriptions for the GRDF, NEU and SARF, can be found, in English, by accessing the Search menu from Data Swallow's main screen. The armory has been completely translated as well.

In the RAR you'll find: the patching utility, a cover image and a Read Me file with instructions, terms of use, credits, acknowledgements and other important information. For dialogue that does not have in-game subtitles, a translation text file has been included.

This release is currently compatible only with Windows systems and requires .NET Framework 4.0 (possibly lower). Also playable on a PS1.

Please give us your feedback on our thread on RHDN with your opinions, glitches you found or even just to say thanks

pw: nemo
(dead link, latest release here)