Sunday, August 30, 2015

State of the Project 2015

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Here is this year's report with a look at what's happened, where Project NEMO stands right now and what's left for us to do.

What happened

After an initial 4-mission demo last Christmas, our first big patch containing translations for all Disc 1 missions, 2 endings and even a few Search files was released last June, followed shortly after by a 1.1 patch that contained improvements and fixes to the text while also moving to a proper patching format called xdelta.

What's happening now

As of this month Team NEMO is going on hiatus. We'll return after a nice break and as soon as our schedules permit.

Looking ahead

Something high on the list will be take a look at the various versions of AC3E's SLPS-02020~1 release in order to make compatible 1.1 patches. Going by a few MD5 checksum reports, it's possible that there may be more than one version of SLPS-02020~1. But one to keep an eye out for as our first .xdelta patch has been released and the least bit of variation could prevent players of patching their personal images. Currently we have no plans of supporting SLPS-91214~5 nor SCPS-45397~5.

Anyone with an actual copy on hand is welcome to what MD5 version they have, if it differs from what we support at the moment (30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f). Having a physical copy on hand is critical, parroting information taken from some website isn't going to be helpful in this endeavor.

Regarding Project NEMO, there's a number of things that we'd like to have in our next release. In addition to translations for M10-18 and M39-52, we hope to translate all menus, more entries in the Search list and the credits scroll.

The credits scroll in particular was something that seemed impossible in the past but thanks to Mike (jPSXdec), who gave us a big push in the right direction, translating the text without having to replace the entire video or modifying anything else seems feasible.

Concerning additional Search files that we'd like to include in our next release, those depend on whether we'll be able to accurately transcribe them since the originals are very low-res. This seems to be the only way since the only text source I could find covered just the characters, the organizations and the aviation units and, even then, they weren't exact 1:1 transcripts.

Moving away from the game, and more into untranslated peripherals territory, there are still seven entries in the Relay Essay from AC3E's official homepage that can still be translated. Since we're essentially translator-less and have been for a while now, this is an open call for anyone capable of translating these documents which contain interview with the staff behind the game, an interesting look at the game by the creators' themselves. If you're interested in translating them, please let us know.

"What about USEA Today?"

My vacation ends next week, which means fewer project updates but the same amount of posts on AC3 that you currently receive: None.

Closing words of wisdom


"No art higher than heaven,
no gift more solid than earth."