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Neucom Visual Server ※Fall Special Edition

 "Welcome to Neucom."
On this special edition news post: assorted news on the project, a really late Q&A session and more information about the project.

I'll kick things off with the most important development since the project resumed activity in January. Thanks to this Let's Play from a few months ago, Greenrose AKA Son Ryo found out about our project and offered to help us with the translation during a time of great need. So much text has already been checked, corrected and revised that I could not imagine going forward without this kind of help. Things are looking up once again!

He's doing it for honor
He's in it for the thrill

Q&A Roundup: Just da Fax

Various questions posted here. It's a long read so I recommend some music, like this, or if you're a weeaboo (like me), this:

Q: "you could make a page on this site where are shown percentage about work done and work to do, so we can have an idea on the progression of translation ..."
and also, 
Q: good job !!! finally some news!!!
A little tip... can you add on your site a small window with the percentage of work done and what still to do, in order to have an idea of the progress of the translation?

A: I prefer to say which missions have been finalized and which haven't, that way you're dealing with facts and not someone's guesstimates. For example, right now as me and the rest of the team are working on the next two-disc release, the UPEO storyline can be considered as 18/18 done, 6/9 for the GR missions with both Dision and Keith and 0 for the Neucom path. So that's 24 out of 52 in the can right now.

Loc March 18, 2015 at 2:27 AM
Q: So I still have a functional PS2, which is backwards compatible with the PS1. If i were to burn these files onto a CD, should it run on my PS2? 

A: Yea, it should. I've had people tell me that the fan-translated game works fine on all PlayStation consoles, like PS1, PSP and PS3 with CFW. I'm confident it'll work on the PS2 because we didn't do anything special to translate the game. All we do is replace some pictures and with the exception of a certain subset where we don't recompress them, the game is pretty much unaltered when patched (the file size will only be slightly bigger).

James Alphonse   April 17, 2015 at 4:36 PM
Q: Awesome! Then you can start working on a dubbed version of the game, eh? ;D

A: We're not dubbing anything here. We don't have access to those files, know anyone who could make it technically possible or know of any fans who are decent voice actors (do they even exist) and last, but not least, because I just plain hate fan-dubs.

Q: Hello, thanks for the inforation so i played this game since 1999 i have the originals cds, but you did something that i always waiting for. Please where i can get boths cds translated?

A: I want both CDs translated as much as you do, but you're gonna have to wait a little longer.

Resident Evil Fan June 24, 2016 at 1:30 PM
Q: I got this error message xdelta3 target window checksum mismatch

A: That must be a bad image. I don't know where you got it but the .xdelta release we have out there right now seems pretty solid with plenty of people playing it both on PC emulators and consoles. If the MD5 checksum of your image (a BIN/CUE made from the SLPS-02020 disc) isn't the exact same as the one I mentioned in the readme file, then it's not going to work. Usually that happens when you pirate it from some website full of shoddy ISOs, but I'm not the DMCA police, so I don't care if you pirated it or not.

Q: I really hope you guys come back to activity soon! 
Im so anxious for the CD2 Translation...
Is there any ETA for it?

A: Usually I'm against giving ETAs for our releases because member availability isn't always guaranteed and that's what dictates whether and when we can release a translation. I didn't have an ETA at the time of your question but right now I'd say a late-2016 release is realistic as long as the members essential to the process can work on it.

Q:Hi, I wanted to ask is there any news about the team´s coming back? Im so excited about the second CD patch...
Thanks for all your work!!!!

A: Always go by what's written in my last message. When I declared the project on hiatus last year, I also said that we'd be back when members became available again.

Q: what is the current state of the project ?!?
The last update is from 30 august, then nothing ...
is the project dead ?!?

A: If the project had ceased activity, I would have announced it.

Q: Seems awesome awesomeness of awesome but... I dont get it. Its the guide getting translated or is a work of yours...?

A: You know, I'd like to. But the merchandise is going to have to wait at least until the game is translated. And no, I did not make this guide book, if that's what you mean.

Q: Dou you know where i can download this book in PDF? thx

A: No, I really don't.

Q: That guide looks well, could you guys upload it to the page?

A: Sorry, I barely have enough patience to scan one page when I want to use the artwork or when I feel like transcribing, let alone the whole thing when I'm not even going to use it.

Lord Zero - Biologo says:
Q: "...How about getting a Patreon ?I have heard it helps a great while..."

A: I don't like the idea of mixing fan-translations with monthly payments and tiered goals. My opinon for maybe 95% of the proposals I've seen on Patreon is that they're all scams. No one here needs money every month to keep this fan-driven project going. I don't see any way in which money would honestly provide a benefit that we wouldn't otherwise have. We have a donation button to help keep up but it's entirely optional and that's it.

Q: How likely is this project going to be completed in 2016?
Q: so, it means that the final patch is around the corner ?

A: I think there's a strong possibility that we can release a patch for all missions at the end of this year but I would hesitate in calling it "final."

Questions posted on my YouTube channel, discussion page:

Linlinker Marques 5 months ago
Q: Good morning m8s! What about the second disc? Does the patch work in it too?

A: Yea, sure thing pal, just apply the patch that says "Disc 1" on the second disc and it will somehow magically translate the missions in it, all of which are different. Just believe, real hard.

Naren Niranjan 4 months ago
Q: hi, I was interested in helping you create the second disk delta patch. I imagine you guys had some tools or software for ripping/unpacking and then repacking the disk ISO, would it be possible to make these publicly available? I'm very much interested in putting in the time and effort to try and apply the translation to the second disk, but if possible, I'd like to be able to work off your existing work, rather than having to start from scratch myself.

A: The toolkit that I included with the demo and the first disc release was released by mistake. The author, esperknight, meant it only for internal use and so I started using .xdelta, which I should have used from the start anway. And no, thanks for the offer.

Gilblo 6 months ago
Q: Hey, I'd like to ask if anyone knows about how the aircrafts are rendered on screen - are they 3d models? If so, is there some way to open these models in software and view them? I've always been very interested in seeing if some of the fictional aircrafts would ever really fly, so I want to see if I could 3D print any of them. I am currently in a position to take them to a wind tunnel and have them tested. It would make for interesting post on Project NEMO's blog.

A: Here at Project NEMO we only deal with the TIM (text-image media) files that contain the Japanese subtitles that we want to translate. The only folder I work with is the one that has these and the skins for some of the airplanes. I'm sure there's a way to find them, extract and view them, but it's not part of our goal and I haven't stumbled on anything 3D-related, just the 2D pictures I mentioned, textures essentially.

Winged Hussar 11 months ago
Q: Is there anything a regular not-much skilled but with plenty of free time guy can help you with?

A: Mostly just translators and coders but you can always help by spreading the word and raising awareness (the Let's Play I mentioned helped a translator discover our project).

Jhon Ortiz 10 months ago
Q: hello, I want to know if a multiple collaboration for the translation of the game is possible because in latin america many want to play in Spanish, it is possible to communicate with the project manager to translate the game into Spanish, I'll take care of the translation to Spanish

A: Like I've said multiple times before, Project NEMO is only about translating AC3E into English. Feel free to use our script to translate it into Spanish and since you already asked for our permission (thank you) just put a credit for Team NEMO as original translators.

She's doing it
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The AC3E fan-translation project as it stands: Mo' Trufax

With the way things are going right now, I'm confident that we can release patches for both discs (initial and reprint releases) before the end of the year. To release Disc 1 in 2015 and then Disc 1 and 2 in 2016 as a sort of one-two punch was my plan when I started preparing the patch for the first disc and thanks to Greenrose, who joined us just a week after my SotP '16 post, it looks like things will go as planned.

As I was answering the questions above, I had the chance to organize my thoughts and I've made the decision not to wait on any other elements pertaining to our fan-translation, like the credits scroll which will be worked on soon, Search entries which are out of reach to us and menus like the initial blue-colored menu or those under Options. The credits scroll still has a chance of being included in the next release but if for any reason that doesn't pan out (could go either way), we can still include that and any other extra translations in future releases.

The priority to me has always been the story and with our next big release we'll finally have translated all missions from beginning to end. That's the big one, with all five storylines fully playable. And to top it all off, compatibility will once again be improved with the addition of patches for the PlayStation the Best release which I read that some of you have. I bought a used copy of that release earlier this year just for this purpose!

She's in it
for her dream
She's doing it
for her kin

Other things that absolutely deserve to be mentioned

A big thanks to all those who have talked about Project NEMO on the Internet and followed our progress. Over the years I've seen posts on gaming websites, social networking sites, forums and image boards from all over the planet: obviously the anglophone corners of the web but also spanish, italian (facebook), brazilian (facebook too), french, german, russian (rutracker) and chinese (a9vg) and other countries from Southeast Asia to name just the ones that I'm aware of.

The biggest thanks, however, have to go the place that made this fan-translation possible in the first place, the one thing I took for granted for far too long, the website where one Japanese fan uploaded transcriptions for all 52 missions: Without the great effort of this one person, someone who had no stake whatsoever in further translations, the dream of AC3E fans around the world would never have been possible. どうもありがとうございました!

I also have a lingering impression that Bandai-NAMCO knows about our operation. I have no way to be 100% sure, but we've been public for more than 7 years now. If they do know, then they've been extremely cool about it. Many other companies would have shut us down by now. I just hope things stay like this.

I plan on continuing with fan-made things, like updating the Let's Play for Mission 03 with lots more commentary, a Let's Play for Mission 08 before the end of the year, making an AMV collection, a compilation video for the UPEO path, a faux DVD menu, The Sphere Where Words Gather Vol. 2 and a military version of the "Cityscapes of USEA" post. Most of these things I'll look into only after the next patch is released but I will make them, eventually.

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