Sunday, November 6, 2016

Additional translations for related materials

In this post: transcriptions and translations for text found in merchandise related to Ace Combat 3 or the game itself. Please credit if you're going to use any of this. The work of yours truly unless otherwise noted.

If everything goes well, I'll work on more. New updates will be indicated with a red "Update" before the jump break.

11/06/16: cut-scene titles from Direct Audio Movie Player, hidden lines M34, complete JP text docs for Relay Essay.
11/09/17: Relay Essay #2
12/28/17: History of USEA (titles only), Chronological Table, Abyssal Dision.  
02/25/18: Relay Essay #3
06/06/18: Interview with Abyssal Dision 
10/01/2019: Relay Essay #4

Movie Titles

Movie Player 
01- ワールドトピックス - WORLD TOPICS 
02- UPEO専用機撃墜 The Downing of the UPEO Personal Plane 
03- ナノバイト Nano-bites 
04- 再会 Reunion 
05- 夜空の下で Under the Night Sky  
06- メガフロート撃沈 The Sinking of Megafloat 
07- 対立する想い Conflict of/Opposing Feelings/Argument 
08- 理想と現 Ideals and Reality 
09- サイモンの心境– Simon’s Mood/Feelings /Satisfaction 
10- 生存者 Sole Survivor 
11- ランデブー Rendez-vous  
12- 研究所にて At the Lab 
13- 体発見されず No bodies found
14- オープニングムービー Opening Movie

These titles are best taken as literal or rough translations.

Hidden lines from mission 34 "The Orientation", details in the video description:


Relay Essay #1, translated by JumpingDax:
Relay Essay #2:
Relay Essay #3:

NOGB 008 USEA World Map

The stage of "Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere" is the world "USEA." 
It is not a state, politics, etc. that have a great influence on this country, but huge companies such as "General Resource Ltd., " "Neucom Inc.." Two enormous companies pursuing their own interests and that continue their rivalry in various places. And with the UPEO, which is aiming to settle their conflict, the situation begins to move into a new direction.

Chronological Table

A group of General Resource Ltd. employees transfers to Neucom Inc..


Neucom begins planning their entry into space development.


Neucom achieves rapid growth in satellite network infrastructure.


Neucom announces results in Nanomachine research. Begins experiments in various branches.


General Resource and Neucom experience economic difficulties.

The control systems of the Geodesic Dome are deactivated.


Trouble surfaces between General Resource and Neucom.

UPEO's peacekeeping military is implemented.


Neucom completes the floating city "Megafloat."


General Resource releases the Web-enabled OS "Data-Swallow 3.2.2."


NOGB 006-007 The History of USEA (WIP)

The Beginning

The great growth of multinational corporations


The crumbling of nations and the new concept of territory


The Present

High technology and cyberspace


The emergence of new powers caused by conflicts between economic blocs


NOGB 014 Abyssal Dision

Ace pilot of General Resource's security unit "GRDF." Despite having a cool demeanor, he always faces matters head-on, displaying overwhelming strength and confidence during such circumstances. Lost his parents when he was still a child and has no other relatives. Collaborated on research projects with Yoko Inoue and Simon Orestes Cohen, who were also part of General Resource in the past. A very mysterious person.

Interview with Abyssal Dision