Tuesday, December 13, 2016

EAPN Top News 7 #28 f l y i n g c o l o r s

Special Edition

1) Connected 2) "Play it with your heart" 3) The Right Stuff



Team NEMO's two-disc fan-translation release for Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere is about to go live in a few hours. And with it, AC3's story-line will finally be able to be appreciated by people from all around the world.

What officially began with a humble mission statement back in 2009, two people and one wish, slowly evolved into a much larger endeavor, having welcomed almost a dozen people into the group that I named Team NEMO, those that would bring Nemo's story over to the West intact.

We've come a long way since the days of text only scripts, demo and Disc 1-only releases, all of which had their own sets of issues. With that said, we hope you'll enjoy the debut of our next release that translates the whole story and even some extra things too!


"Play it with your heart"

Beyond all the action spectacle, the technical jargon and the twists and turns of the plot, it's the characters who are always at the center of the story.

To be able to connect with them and see their arcs as they progress throughout the game's story was this project's main goal since the beginning. Thanks to the excellent efforts of Team NEMO, from both technical and creative standpoints, I think we've finally achieved that.

Don't get lost amidst all the technicalities of this futuristic tale, and experience it with your heart first and foremost.


The Right Stuff

This part is dedicated to those who, over the years, lent me and my team their time, talent and trust:


My partner-in-crime without whom I would never have been able to start this project. Thank you, Iceman, for having replied to my project proposal on GameFAQS back '09 and for trusting me with managing this project with hope of seeing it to the end.


The third component of our original trio, who found out about us thanks to Iceman-UK. BRPXQZME was already an experienced fan-translator even back then, who helped us immensely by beginning work on a full translation of the game's script back in '09 and which saw completion after just one year.


The first person with programming skills who took notice of our project and gave us a hand with the technical side of things. Thanks to his investigation, he managed to lay some important groundwork that I then passed around to the project's future programmers.


The second translator who joined us back in early 2010, he helped me translate the True Ending as I call it, as it wasn't present in the script source. Years later when the project found renewed support from a number of key members, he helped me with lightning-fast spot-translations and checks at a time when linguistic support was incredibly scarce.


The first of the second trio that proved key in resurrecting this project in 2014, after 3 mostly bleak years, he saw my thread on RHDN and offered to help us with understanding how the in-game worked and how to replace it. The quality of his knowledge and of the editing tools he provided, not to mention the clarity, patience and speed, gave this project an enormous boost.


An active and highly-skilled programmer who made it possible to put our text in the game and be able to play it. And all without a single hitch. His capacity to overcome hurdles such as the game's compression, our worst enemy since the game's first years, cannot be overstated. When we needed one miracle, THE miracle, to happen, he came and made it a reality.


The third of this trio. At a time where I was growing increasingly worried due to the difficulty in replacing text radio chatter that plays during actual gameplay, she came seemingly out of nowhere with the know-how to not only find a workaround, that I called me's Way, but also to provide the groundwork essential for our team's programming-savvy members that would finally allow us to effectively translate the storyline in full.


And last, but in NO way whatsoever least, came the project's third translator, instrumental in helping us with quality control and in bringing our translation to another level and be able to release it before the year was over. A tremendous show of commitment.