Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Sphere Where Thoughts Gather Vol.2

New Contemplations

The follow-up to my first post dedicated to random bullshit about this awesome game is ready after three years in the making (not really). Anyway this post is about the details.

1) The game starts up so fast it doesn't even have time for a loading screen, a testament to the developers' technical prowess

2) On top of that, every loading screen is designed to be integrated into the game's story and setting

3) Unusual amounts of proper English for an NTSC-J game, the reason of which I pointed out here years ago. But some mistakes that still made it in though, such as CLASSFIED.

4) Coffin is an amazing addition to an action as it raises the tension and impact of dogfights dramatically, the only chance the pilot has to survive is for them to crash land and hope they're lucky

5) The opening video has some nice bits of foreshadowing for the plot of the game, can you spot them? 

Cheat sheet: Fiona wears the Neucom flight-suit while Clarkson wears Neucom colors in his shirt and tie.

When the characters are introduced, only Cynthia and Dision have their images flicker between original and negative. They're the only two characters who undergo Sublimation at some point during the game.

Park taking the king with his queen in chess, symbolizing his plan to kill Clarkson and take control of the UPEO.

6) The first cut-scene is packed full of cameos from other Namco's IPs, how many can you find? I tried doing that some time ago and got to about thirteen different games but even then I didn't get all of them. Some are obvious, such as R4 and Tekken 3; others not so much, like Japan-only World Stadium 3.

7) Of course, two pilots named Slash and Edge, first seen in AC2, have cameos too

8) Nemo's A.I. components are listed in the epilogue, some are par for the course but some are pretty out there.

9) It took me a long time to notice this one, but Carl Larson does the Japanese bow at the start of the news program, which is kinda funny

10) Enemy planes flying in formation until engaged

Bonus extra game fact) Ace Combat 3 is entry number 1337 on's database. How? I guess I picked just the right time to create the page for the game, didn't even find out until recently. So AC3 is now officially elite, pretty neat if you ask me.