Monday, October 30, 2017

HELP WANTED: programmer needed! UPDATED

We need someone to take over where our programmers left off. The things we still need help with at this juncture mostly involves issues related to the TIM format and the game's compression method, a custom variant of LZSS/LZ77. I'd say the worst is already taken care of as one of our programmers managed to crack good part of this compression years ago, the CS code for which he made public as well. But a full and technically sound fan-translation of the game is still not possible because he and team's other programmers left the project part way through.

If you feel like helping us out with these issues, you can drop us a line here, send me a PM on GameFAQS or on

UPDATE: a complete in-game translation of AC3 is now possible thanks to the work of  Infrid and the AC3 Italian Fan-translation team. Other issues remain, such as supporting more editions of this game, so I'm still looking for help with minor issues such as this.