Friday, February 9, 2018

AC3E description by Namco, 1999

The latest installment in the "Ace Combat" series arrives at last.
With "Ace Combat" it made "the pleasure of flying in the sky" very familiar, with "Ace Combat 2" it underwent a dramatically beautiful evolution. And now, the latest series "Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere" that inherits this essence will appear.

The stage is a near-future world in which the power of the "economy" far exceeds the power of the nation. There, two companies have great power. One is General Resource, a multinational conglomerate with huge capital, and Neucom, which has advanced science and technology, based on the information and communications industry. The two companies, that were in a state of tension, have finally entered a state of war. The main character (player) belongs to an organization called UPEO  and goes out with a fighter aircraft to suppress the conflict between the two companies.