Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Up Close and Personal
with GRDF Capt. Abyssal Dision, USEA, 2040

Voted winner of the Data Swallow "Man of the Year Award" in 2040.

The real face of General Resource's ace pilot, Dision.

Most people won't need the title of ace pilot to know this man.

But for him, things seem to be different. "For me, there is only meaning in flying in the sky. Since ancient times, we humans have looked up to birds, and after centuries of inventions we managed to make lumps of iron fly in the sky. I am proud to be a General pilot."

It was by a coincidental error mail that we were able to contact him, known generally to hate in-person interviews. I was checking my videomail for the usual friendly reminders sent by the editor about manuscripts. Only the thing that slipped in this time was "Mail sent by Abyssal Dision." Not long after that, we began exchanging mails. The impression that I got was completely different from what I see in the news. Speaking of the Dision from General that we know, he is a "cool-headed strategist" and a "boss who is stern but respected." That aura of diligence has made him popular among women, and he has been an active spokesperson for the company, a person at the time of birth of the era. Born in 1997, he graduated from GR Defense University in 2018, and joined General. He was assigned to GRDF at the same time. After his achievements in the famous 2026 anti-terrorism campaign, he took the lead as ace. But what made him truly famous was his miraculous survival of an explosion that occurred during an accident at General Development Facility in May of 2030. Until then merely a skilled pilot like his partner Keith Bryan, he now made headlines as the miracle man.

"There is nothing I can say about that accident. If anything, I'd say I never of thought death until then, ...I became aware of the limits of the body, the body that encloses the time bomb of death."

From the following year, he became known as the producer of the talented girl pilot "Rena Hirose." A lot of information about her is kept confidential. But not only is she lovely and beautiful, she certainly seems to be a talented pilot. "Oh, yeah. The way I met Rena was very similar to the way I met with you (laughs). It was also the moment I saw the possibilities of the electronic space called the Electrosphere. I was searching for like-minded people who are aware of the limits of the physical body, like myself, on the Data Swallow. That was when I met her." Maneuvering via nerve connection, somewhat of a fantastical experiment. And a hot topic worldwide. It's been only a couple of years since the canopy disappeared from the cockpits of airplanes and the pilot got a 360 degree field of view from video images.... Thanks to her, we got the technology to make our wish a reality.

"About her potential: she captivated me. Thanks to her achievements during the experiments, the technology of the Electrosphere has improved dramatically. It was a pleasant miscalculation far beyond my expectations. But her growing influence at the company ended up giving birth to a tragedy."

She was recently sent to the UPEO as a transfer employee from General. It is the result of a public opinion that did not approve of General continuing dangerous experiments with the famous pilot.

"Even now, I still think of her as my own daughter. This is something that will never change. It makes me happy that she can keep her wings as a pilot even at the NUN. One day we will fly in the sky together again...."

Hearing his sentimental words, I feel relieved to discover that he's a man who's also warm at heart. That's right. His true self is that of someone looking up to the sky. No matter how much technology advances, he will not forget the romantic feeling of flying. We'll be following closely the future exploits of the man of who won Man of the Year.

(from Namco Official Guide Book, page 002)

Transcribed and translated by that Dragon person
Disclaimer: I'm still learning Japanese so there may be errors like typ0s, bad grammer and inaccuracies
Spot translations by Albert Park