Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hidden extra "bonus options" menu screen

Our resident digital treasure hunter Fabian has found even more things hidden inside AC3's files. In this post you'll see the music player and movie player that we can normally access only with the AppenDisc and a model viewer that was completely left out of both the game disc and the AppenDisc but seems to be functional from what our AC3 scholar says.

Here's his whole report taken verbatim:

Music Player: Works just like the Music Player that appears in the AppenDisc. You can play any track that appears in the game and a few “unused” ones including The Execution, for some reason the track Defiled does not appear in the track list although it is present in Disc 1.

Note: While the Music Player lists all the tracks used in the game, it skips the ones that aren’t present in the current disc.

Movie Player: Really, really incomplete, almost non-functional, you can only play the introductory movie that appears when you start a new game.

Model Display: Works like the Model Display featured in Ace Combat 2, you can select almost any aircraft that appears in the game exception the UI-4052 and the UI-4053. The Model Selection screen is just like the Aircraft Selection screen that appears before starting a mission in the story mode.

  • Directional Pad/Left Analog Stick: Rotates the aircraft
  • L1: Zoom In
  • R1: Zoom Out
Extra Menu: Accessing Method

Note: I’m not sure if all these steps are strictly necessary to activate the menu.

  1. Boot the game
  2. Create a New Account using the default name (Nemo)
  3. Set the difficulty to Hard
  4. Leave all the other settings unmodified
  5. Save the account in the Memory Card Slot 1, in any "sub-slot".
  6. Watch/Skip all cutscenes/dialogue/etc.
  7. In the Pre-Mission Menu, select Options
  8. Once you are there, activate the following Gameshark codes:
80112FB4 0002
8016E928 0500

The "Extra" menu should appear inmediately.
  1. Highlight any option of the menu and deactivate the codes (If you don't deactivate them you’ll be stuck in the Extra Menu since the codes force the game to load that menu)

Extra Menu: Known Glitches

  • If you use the Music Player after using the Model Display some of the graphics of the time counter will be corrupted, that is because when you enter to the Model Display the game replaces the graphics used by the Music Player with the textures of the aircraft currently displayed but it doesn’t retrieve the original graphics after you leave the menu.
  • If you try to use the Movie Player after using the Music Player the game will freeze.
  • Some emulators may crash while attempting to load the Movie Player.
  • The Model Display is very unstable, if you scroll too fast in the aircraft selection screen you may end up freezing the game, although maybe that’s just an emulator thing. 


  1. Interesting. I've always wanted to explore the aircraft models more.

  2. thats an amazing find! can't wait to try the model viewer

  3. I tried that but it dont appear :(

  4. How our ACE3E scholar, Fabian, could discover hidden menu and obtain the gameshark code?
    Could the displayed TIM be hacked via gameshark too ?
    I just wondering how about I add extra ULZ in the BPB file, and force the PSX executable to load it via patching the PSX executable with somekind of "permanent" gameshark code?

    And so, by finding its gameshark address perhaps the SPB file could be mapped and unveiled?

    1. I've forwarded your questions regarding the hidden menu to Fabian, I think you can expect an answer soon, he's usually pretty quick to reply.

    2. Fabian's answer, hope this helps:

      "Before saying anything (well, almost anything), I don't really have the technical knowledge required to answer those questions properly (also, I wouldn't consider myself a hacker, since I'm just a guy playing with a gameshark and some other tools).

      About the extra menu, I first found some evidence of it looking at the game's VRAM (using a tool called PSX-VRAM, which reads the VRAM stored in a pSX savestate file), the codes to access it, I found them just by "luck" using the Search function of CEP. Messing with it I figured out that the game reads two different addresses to display the options menu:

      1) To know from where to get the appropiate graphics and layout for the menu.
      2) The list of selectable options and to which part of the menu they lead. (For example: in the extra menu, the first option leads you to the Music Player, the second option leads you to the Model Display, etc...).

      About using gameshark codes to display other TIM files, I know that is possible to change the position from where the game will read the VRAM to display some specific asset, but I don't know if it's possible to load different TIM files into the VRAM."

  5. Thank you Fabian, and DragonSpikeXIII, I'll try my best.

    My plan is :

    1) discover the "command" to display the message sequentials

    2) edit the message, including add/remove new "frame"

    3) force the "in game mission" to display the edited message.

    and all I do still limited using the dumped data via emulator. But hope this will spill any lead to hex pattern in the BPB/SPB files.

  6. I hope somebody can help me.
    I'm trying the Gameshark code but nothing appears in my cheat menu.
    Every other cheat works. Here is how it looks

    #Infinite Health
    80070E12 0000
    80070B8E 0000
    E0070CFC 0040
    30070CFC 0000
    E0070D3C 0040
    30070D3C 0000
    E0072200 0040
    30072200 0000
    #Infinite Missiles
    D0070322 2442
    80070320 0000
    #Rapid Fire Missiles
    E0070230 0004
    30070230 0001
    #Infinite Time For Battle
    E0052D1A 0042
    30052D1A 0002
    #Infinite time for battle
    E0052D1A 0042
    30052D1A 0002
    #All Aircrafts
    C1000000 5000
    50000A02 0000
    800BDB12 0101
    #Extra Menu
    80112FB4 0002
    8016E928 0500

    Everything except the new cheat works what I'm doing wrong.

    1. The Resident AC3 ScholarNovember 20, 2016 at 3:06 AM

      To display the hidden Extra menu, you have to activate these two codes ONLY when you're on the Options menu, otherwise the codes are not going to work.