Thursday, November 9, 2017

Voices of AC3 Development Staff Part 2
"Are you all enjoying the 'wild blue yonder'?"
Director Iwasaki Takuya

Are you all enjoying the "wild blue yonder"?

"Ace Combat 2" pursued "military realism" but I had a wish where "I want more people to play!" that motivated me to say "Let's make something new!".

I wanted fans to feel "I was pleasantly surprised!" rather than "The series is always the same thing".

I had a lot of expectations during development as I made the characters appear, changed the HUD design and spent a lot of time considering things. ...We faced a lot of challenges because of this, adding completely new things.

So the training camp for the world view began, with the scenario written within the confines a hotel room.

There, animations with a sound recording script worth three novels that would then become two discs were born.

As a result, the branch ballooned to over 50 missions.
When I realized, the content became such that it was now impossible to go back. (laughs)

The challenge was in blending the essence of a live-action serial drama with that of a game.
While playing a game, advancing freely through the story, have you ever felt somewhat "detached"?

The game's world view as well as the scenario, everything was prepared with "video game" in mind.

"The hero's feelings have to be the player's..."
"The characters speak always to the player..."

Thinking about such things, I always kept in mind to give the player the "feeling that you are there" while "playing" the game, so that no one would be passive while playing a game.

To that end,  we introduced missions that branch according to the player's decisions and video mail messages that change according to the results of the battle, so I was careful to make sure that the mission content and the story connected well.

While holding the controller, suddenly, you'll feel concerned about your companions who are fighting alongside you... I would be very happy if you could feel the "wild blue yonder" of "AC3"'s world during those times.