Thursday, May 7, 2020

Voices of AC3 Development Staff Part 7
"Experience the organizational branching not only through the story, but also through the game."
Planning Team

"Experience the organizational branching not only through the story, but also through the game."

Planner: Atsushi Shiozawa

In particular, the mission featuring the docking aircraft Mobura is a must-see. This mission, which you must go through regardless of whether you are in UPEO/Neucom/General or any other organization, is designed to give you a sense of zapping: "What if I were in a Mobura's parasite Remora," "What if I were to chase down a high-altitude Mobura with an ordinary fighter," "What if I were to chase down a high-altitude Mobura with an airplane that could fly higher than the high-altitude Mobura."

I hope you'll experience this White Valley trilogy by playing through all the organizations' storylines.

It's a small detail, but the disciplined General Resource often attacks in formation, while the Neucom side is configured to make tricky, multi-directional attacks. The story branching is noteworthy, but I hope you can feel the subtle changes that are hinted at in the missions.

Ace Combat 3 turned out to be a pretty magnificent game, but I'm wondering if I've stepped into the path of constant competition. I would prefer if you guys forgot about this installment and got excited for the next one, but that's not possible. I will continue to pursue "something" that surpasses everyone's imagination, and I would be very happy if you could support Namco for a long time.

Planner: Takahito Saito

How is the Electrosphere?
My name is Saito, and I was in charge of the game selection and drama direction.
I'd like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the animation.

As it was my first time to participate in the production of a product, the director handed me a huge amount of scenarios and worldview settings. I was honestly puzzled by the fact that I was dark on animation when it came to portraying the characters in the film, with a focus on video mail and video phones.

When I worked out the patterns of the characters' facial expressions from the script, without knowing the grammar of animation or anything else, one thing I always kept in mind was to express that "the characters are alive beyond the Sphere."

People move their heads, shake their heads, and avert their gaze when they speak something. Vice versa, I thought it would be very unnatural if they didn't move their head a little bit, moved their mouth, and just flicked his eyes while staring at me.
From there, a huge amount of animation patterns arose. After that, I moved on to the process of creating patterns for the lines recorded by the voice actors.

This is how the characters that "speak" to the customers who play the game were created, thanks to the hard work and persistence of many staff members who didn't hesitate to create the animations.

Even while flying in the sky, the thought of my friends flying with me suddenly flashed through my mind.... I would be happy if you could feel such a moment.

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Planner : Naoto Maeda

I was in charge of mission coordination for the General Route.
Mission coordination? ...I'm not sure what that means.
This is the part where you have to place the fighters and ground weapons on the map while considering the tempo and difficulty level of the game.

This time, the number of planes appearing in the mission has increased considerably compared to the previous one, and (this is also a result of the efforts of the program staff) the work was enormous in proportion to that.
I kept thinking, is it really done?
Place it, play it, place it, play in and day out. Before I knew it, the tip of the stick of the dual shock had worn out and was glowing black...

Speaking of shock, I got a "○" because I was sitting around all the time during development. I am so embarrassed that I can never name the disease. I'm sorry.
I was surprised by it all. In the company bathroom.
It's bright red. "What the heck is this?" I said.
I thought, "Is this what 'sacrifice' means?"
Well, I went to the hospital, had a medical examination (!) and it was fine.
...I want a couch. It's nice and fluffy.

Planner: Hideki Hattori

Hi, I'm Hattori.
I did mission coordination for the Nucom route.

I know it's a bit abrupt, but the Night Raven is cool. I think it can't be anything but cool.

In particular, the Night Raven in "Self Awareness" is very frightening, coming at you at breakneck speed and shooting at you with laser blasts, but we wanted players to feel the fear of being cornered.

The behavior is far from that of an actual plane, but since it's the last enemy, I prioritized fun.

I joined the team halfway through development, but they went all out on ACE3, so much that I thought, "Are we putting too much effort into it?"

I hope you enjoy playing it. Please recommend it to your friends.

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