Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Voices of AC3 Development Staff Part 5
"We wanted to make the flowing air a 'sound'"
Sound Team

Hello everyone, Nakani here.
I hope you enjoyed Ace Combat 3. This time, our plan was not to make a sequel to Ace Combat 2, but to make an Ace Combat in a completely different world. (originally the developers weren't going to put a "3" in Ace Combat 3 at all.) The hot, strong, cool, righteous images of "1" and "2." We started the development of "3" by breaking it all down.

Now let's see how we cooked up the sound.
When I saw the keywords "anime" and "focus on story" and the game screen during development, I thought, "It's a cool future that's also a bit strange. I thought, I'll go with a melodious and not-so-melodious Namco fusion type." Slap bass, synth lead, synth brass... For example, I made some tracks with an image of Galaxian 3 + Cyber Sled (my personal taste is very much in the mix). "This sounds pretty good, I'm gonna to keep going like this!" I thought to myself.

Then, one day, a huge number of scenarios came up. I read it...
"Damn, it's dark, heavy..." This world is expanding...
The planning side said that we should review the sound concept...
Press the reset button to restart...
The new concept now is to express the world with a "sense of atmosphere."
While the BGM for Ace "1" and "2" were tracks that made people listen to the whole track, with "3," I aimed to make the air that was flowing in the track a sound.

To avoid going too far, we avoided musical passages that would leave a lasting impression. The keywords were "airy, raw, inorganic."
I'm the kind of guy to take a step back so the worldview and story don't get drowned out.

(page 2)

Oh, and let's talk about the sound effects in the game, too.
If you listen carefully, there is a lot of attention to detail. There are a lot of things about the air swell, especially the jet sound.
It's the little things you do that add a little bit of realism to the sound.
I asked the programmers to do they're best in order to reproduce the sense of distance, the sense of direction, the sense of pressure of the enemy plane approaching from behind, and the sense of power when passing each other. (thank you!) As I was playing the game while making sound effects, I said "Is it OK if we don't add BGM?" (laughs).
Usually the sound effects are buried in the background music, but I think it's fun to try playing with the background music volume set to zero.

Oh yeah, I'm also very particular about the sound effects of the system. Mr. Sashida was in charge of the design for this project, and when thinking about the Data Swallow system, various images were popped up in the designer's mind. Of course, that world also includes an element of sound. That's why there are a lot of sound effects that were directly specified by the designer. That's why there's a sense of unity in the world of the Data Swallow (or is it all of Ace 3?), including images, sounds, and movement.
Finally, a gift for everyone. These are the start-up sounds of each company's Data Swallow. Will these make your computer a Data Swallow too?!

A Mac-like image of the future (provided by Nani)

General Resource LTD.
During the game, the afterglow is exhausted (T_T (provided by Koujiji)

It's like it's saying "New-com" (laughs) (provided by Kubonbo)

Like a rattlesnake (sneaky) (provided by Nakai)

(page 3)
Hi there. My name is Kakino, and I'm in charge of music and movie effects.

I know it's sudden, but what is "sound?"
"Sound" abounds in our daily lives. Even as I write this, I can hear the "chuck chuck chuck" of tapping on the keyboard, the air conditioner go "woo" above my head, and I can hear Mr. Imura's laughter from a distance (laughs).
Sound, whether it's conversation or music, is an invisible and mysterious entity that provides information to our ears in a variety of ways.

But actually, "sound" isn't that complicated. Really, it's just the vibration of the air. For example, when he taps the desk, "Boom! sound is produced. When you hit the desk, the vibration is transmitted to the air and the air vibrates, which is then transmitted to the human ear and heard as a "sound." Conversation, noise and music are all based on the vibration of "air. "
You see, it's not the sound that's important, it's the air.
All the "sounds" we hear now reach our ears because of the "air. "

It's a long preamble, but my job this time was to create the "air" that fills the world of ACE COMBAT3. Dision's breathing, Cynthia's footsteps, Rena's cries. The "air" exists there in each space.
I presented it in such a way that the "atmosphere" could be heard by everyone. The movie sound in ACE COMBAT3 is not about creating "sound," but about creating "air."

It's the same with the movie sound effects, but so is the BGM. BGM that blends in with the mission.
It doesn't just exist as standalone music, it has graphics, a story, and background music, all blending together to create the "atmosphere" of the world of "ACE COMBAT 3" (I sound like Cynthia).

Try turning up the volume on the TV a little (but not enough to disturb the neighbors!) . Did you get the "atmosphere" of "ACE COMBAT3"?

Now, finally, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to some people.

Dear Mr. Okubo.
I'm sorry that I caused you so much pain while I was making sound effects.
(For the duct tape.)
To Sakai.
I'm sorry I made you look weird just because I was making a sound effect.
(For the ski wear).

Hehehe. See you next time.

(page 4)
This time I tried to write tracks with sound.
I didn't want to use them as it is because I don't like the sound of the built-in synth.
I created musical passages, applied effects, sampled, and then created musical passages with them again, then prepared a lot of comfortable pieces and steadily built up the sound. Unlike the melodic songs, this one has to be balanced well or it would become a mess of unpleasant sounds.
The more you're careful, the more paralyzed your ears become and the more you can't work, and the more you concentrate on your work, the more often you feel dizzy on the way home from work. The song I worked so hard to build yesterday was a mess when I listened to it the next day.
I think it was possible to make simple sounds become something fresh because it was AC3.
Thank you for letting me make music like this.

I'm checking out the feedback I get from everyone on the Wonder Page.
Musically, AC3 is very different from the rest of the series, so we got a lot of feedback. Most of the time, opinions vary greatly, but at the end everyone writes the same thing.

"AC4, we're looking forward to it!"
Ohh... I still don't want to think about it...

Posted by Nakani (Tetsuichi Nakanishi)
The sound that sounds like an empty voice when Night Raven passes by is actually a combination of the shout of "Pamela (the parent fish)" who appears in Klonoa. By the way, Pamela's scream is actually my scream. "Pigaaaa! (Laughs)

Posted by sea lion (Azuka Sakai)
The sound of Rena pulling out the neural cord was the sound of Mr. Okubo's leg hair being pulled out. It's ouch-y, isn't it? Ughhhhhh.

Ace's influence has become popular in sound recently.
Everything, from lines to scenes that appear in Ace.

A(ce)...... is pretty amazing.

I hope you'll get into it. If it comes out naturally in everyday conversation, that's what the Electrosphere is all about.