Sunday, June 7, 2009

Voices of NAMCO Sound Team

Voice of AC Sound Director
To make “sound” that is not a song:
That is the theme this time around.
The chaotic world of sound
should become a stimulant to everyday life.
It’s Naka-nii. In this Ace, the theme was turning the location’s atmosphere and tense feeling into “sounds” more than into “songs”. That it has no melody and doesn’t develop much is a result of that. To be honest, I also saw a slap-bass-in-a-synth-lead-portamento world (heh) in a dream. That I got that direction, I understand, but even so, that ended up not being AC. The scenario, the images, the songs, the sound effects... when they all became one, they were AC. What? Oh, this CD? ...for this CD, rather than listen, just cruise through it without thinking anything. The chaotic world that spreads out there should become a little stimulating for everyday life. Well, next, aim for a bright future....

Sound Director Tetsukazu Nakanishi
Voices of AC sound staff

These days, my mood is often intoxicated in “sound”. The sound of a subway departure; the sound of a dump truck’s air brake; the crunchy sounds of a hard drive. They aren’t limited to sources, either. The feeling of an acoustic field’s reverb; the feeling of the compression of an analog compressor; hi-fi in the midst of lo-fi. After you’ve gotten used to them, is that feeling of alienation good? Like, even though there was no feeling before. Ah, yes, is that the feeling of alienation? If you could say so, then AC is....

Sound staffer Kōji Nakagawa
The Ace series so far has gotten quite some varied background music. Background music as part of that space. We sure can do environmental-sound music, can’t we? On my own, I put ethnic instrument types into the mechanical sound called techno, trying to represent something like nature and the lives of people in the near future. Then somehow, it became the song for low-altitude missions. Meep? So how is this kind of ambient Ace Combat?

Sound staffer Kanako Kakino
I am happy that continuing from the last game AC2, I was able to participate this time, too. Although it’s a surprise in that it feels completely different from the series so far, the Ace series is awesome, of course. And, this time, I did two songs for the background music, and also added sounds to the movies, so please try to listen and be surpised in the game.

Sound staffer Hiroshi Ōkubo
During production, I tried to inflate my imagination, and went to the Itō Spa! Was the starfish there an illusion? Well sooomehow, if I went back with a mollusk, it’d bitten my pointer finger! Thanks to that, I made phrases that don’t use the index finger! Mr. Starfish, you were a real stimulus!

Sound staffer Shiina
This time around, only participating for one song, I was in charge of the final song in Electrosphere. With the keywords “insanity”, “computers”, and “orchestra” at the base, I produced it by tying orchestral tones and synth sounds together. In order to keep up the feeling of tension, we put live performance at the core, so it took an awful amount of time beforehand getting the synth together in preparation. To make the tones, I was able to expand the image from the refined nuance of the word “computer”.

Sound staffer Tomoko Tatsuta