Monday, August 28, 2017

Introducing Iceman-UK's blog "Eject Disc"

Project NEMO co-founder IcemanUK has just launched his own blog Eject Disc, where he's gonna write, and I quote, "Articles on cycling, life, fitness, travel, food, open-source, tech, retro-tech, life in Hampshire and more". Be sure to check it out!

And for his first post he wrote about his experience at this year's OggCamp, a type of conference for people in the IT industry, where he introduced our AC3 fan-translation project to the audience there on Aug 19th. He'd done the same thing many years ago for the Front Mission series fan-translation project which he was also a part of. We worked together on some PowerPoint slides that he then presented himself along with some special videos that showcase Project NEMO, such as an exclusive preview of the new version of the game's first mission and a movie-style trailer, to further illustrate and wow those in attendance. And thanks to popular demand, he then made an encore presentation the very next day on Aug 20th. Thank you Iceman, and thank you to those who were there to hear about our project!
(link in picture)