Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Missions, screens and other hidden things

A few notes before delving into details:

1) These screenshots have been taken with the pSX 1.13 Emulator and using CEP 0.2.4 as a Gameshark device. Results may differ when trying on a real console. (I remember getting some different results when I tried these codes on my PS a few years ago!).

2) This emulator has problems rendering the "Electrosphere tunnel" of the pre-Mission Menu so don't think of it as a consequence of selecting those missions.

3) The Mission Select Code is 800BF65C 00xx, where xx corresponds to the Mission ID. Only values from 00 to 3B are valid, any value above 3B will cause the game to crash immediately.

4) Legend: NATT: Name Above The Thumbnail
                  SGSN: Save Game Screen Name
                  BSMN: Before Starting Mission Name

All credits to Fabian for going out of his way to uncover all of this, I've merely tidied things up for publication. There is some overlap with previous posts, namely "Digging Further" and "...and the digging comes to an end." but it's better organized and there's some new stuff too.