Thursday, July 13, 2023

Screenplay: DAI SATŌ Animation Production: PRODUCTION I.G INC.
Animation Director: DAISUKE CHIBA Character Design: MAMORU TAKAHASHI  
Produced by NAMCO LTD. in association with FROGNATION LTD.

2 0 4 0  U S E A  C o r p o r a t e  W a r
3 D   D r a m a t i c  F l i g h t  S h o o t i n g  G a m e

"Wanna play a game of Simon Says?"

The age of nation-states is over.
Corporations hold total control.
Technology is choking mankind.
As bad as things are... they're about to get worse. Much worse.

USEA, 2040. Worldwide tension mounts as the two largest multinational corporations escalate from competition to total war. On the information superhighway known as the Electrosphere, a terrorist group is preparing a revolution to eliminate the inequalities and limitations of humankind.

Through these skies flies NEMO (player), fighter pilot and peacekeeper. But someone he knows is setting him up for a brutal murder, and RENA (VA: Yuri Shiratori), famous ace pilot and Nemo's squadron leader, could be the next target. There are only two people he thinks he can trust; his wingmen ERICH (VA: Sōichirō Hoshi), a rookie idealist forced to find himself amidst the war, and FIONA (VA: Kumiko Watanabe), a tough-but-sweet pacifist looking for another way to stop it. 

As the world spins toward chaos, Nemo, Rena, Erich and Fiona must navigate this volatile landscape before the enemy's plan becomes reality.

A visionary dive into an explosive world of all-powerful corporations and high technology, Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere paints a frighteningly real portrait of our society's collective future. Filled with high-flying action and an intricate storyline, it is a cautionary tale that touches on the secret fears and dreams buried within us all.

Simon says...


A Team NEMO Joint
Disclaimer: many AIs were harmed in the making of this translation

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