Friday, March 5, 2010

...and the digging comes to an end.

Mission ID 13

Name Above The Thumbnail: (Garbled Graphics)
Save Game Screen Name: ----
Before Starting Mission Name: GAME SHOW
Background Music: None
Selectable Aircraft: Su-43 Berkut

Screenshot 1 : Mission Thumbnail
(May vary, I could not find an explanation to this)
Screenshot 2 : When you start the mission, there's an
F-16XA flying in front of you, It is the only primary target in the mission...
Screenshot 3 : ...But if you destroy it the mission doesn't end.
Screenshot 4 : There's also two R-101 flying near the F-16.
Screenshot 5 : Do you see that white line in the map??
Screenshot 6 : They're the legendary floating gun turrets!
Screenshot 7 : Another view of the guns
Screenshot 8 : And Another view of the guns.
Screenshot 9 : Your allies trying to destroy an R-201 in the Southeast corner of the map.
Screenshot 10: At 4:00 this message appears, hurrying you to do something
Screenshot 11: Smoke on the Water!
Screenshot 12: And finally at 5:00, the mission ends (fails).
Screenshot 13: If you save the game from the options menu, and then, you return to the title screen and select "Download", you'll see this.

If you load from that file, you'll start directly
in the mission.

Strange Arrow in "A Canopy of Stars"

Different Font

(EDIT August 8th, 2010) Forgot to add credits to contributor Fabian, who as it turns out found even more hidden files in the game.