Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Additional translations for related materials

In this post: transcriptions and translations for text found in merchandise related to Ace Combat 3 or the game itself. Please credit if you're going to use any of this. The work of yours truly unless otherwise noted.

If everything goes well, I'll work on more. New updates will be indicated with a red "Update" before the jump break.

11/06/16: cut-scene titles from Direct Audio Movie Player, hidden lines M34, complete JP text docs for Relay Essay.
11/09/17: Relay Essay #2
12/28/17: History of USEA (titles only), Chronological Table, Abyssal Dision.  
02/25/18: Relay Essay #3
06/06/18: Interview with Abyssal Dision 
10/01/2019: Relay Essay #4