Tuesday, June 2, 2009



This blog is dedicated to ACE COMBAT electrosphere and anything related to it: the game itself, its setting, story, characters, airplanes, merchandise, media, trivia, related websites, etc... Some videos, both official and user-made, are already available on my YouTube channel.

Another thing I'll be chronicling here is the translation project that I'm trying to get started. This was, at first, supposed to be a typical fan translation but lack of support from the community forced me to look for the only other alternative: a professional, paid translation. After much research and many solicitations I came to the conclusion that it'd be way too costly, even with several generous contributors. So now I'm back to "Phase 1", hoping to find people interested in translating this hidden gem.

The project's objective is to have all media related to AC in English. This includes: the game's entire script, videos, guide books and booklets, the official site's commentaries and interviews with the game developers, etc...

I have the game's complete script with every possible dialogue variation included in text files ready to be translated. So all that's needed is at least one Japanese-to-English translator.

If you know of any translators that might be interested in participating in this project, you can contact me at nightravenx49@hotmail.com.[DEAD E-MAIL]

As you can imagine, this is quite a big project and its future is, as of now, uncertain. But it has to start somewhere, so it might as well here!

Other than that, I'll be posting about AC stuff soon, so stay tuned AC fans!